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Vegan Whipping Cream Brands: Which is the Best Option

Want to find the best vegan whipping cream brands out there? Or find the best vegan dairy substitutes for whipped cream in your desserts?

In this article, we are talking about the best vegan dairy-free whipped cream options that you have. Such as silk dairy-free heavy whipping cream that you whip yourself. Or vegan canister and cool whip cream options!

These vegan whipped cream brands are the best options out there and are all entirely vegan friendly and dairy-free.

Now you can make those old favorite desserts or top your freshly baked vegan pies with whipped cream.

So, if you want to know what kinds of vegan whipped cream are the best keep reading. And don’t forget to read till the end to see what kinds of whipped cream you can make at home!

What is Whip Cream and Why it isn’t Vegan Friendly?

Whip cream is a cool and refreshing dairy-based dessert made from combining heavy cream or whipping cream with sugar and vanilla extract.

These ingredients are whipped together to create a thick and fluffy dessert that can be used as a base for desserts such as no-bake pies or as a topping for fruit and pies.

This is not considered to be vegan because its main ingredient is dairy which vegans avoid entirely.

This is why many brands now offer vegan alternatives that are made with plant-based milks and vegan friendly thickeners.

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Vegan Whipping Cream Brands: Cool Whip in Tubs

When it comes to vegan dairy-free whipped cream brands, cool whip is one of the easiest options to find. I don’t necessarily know why, but several cool whip tub brands are vegan friendly.

This is most likely the least natural tasting option as cool whip often has a distinct taste and texture that is unlike real whipped cream. But it is still a great option in a pinch!

One great thing about cool whip is that it can be stored in the freezer for several months before using. Making it easy to stock up on for a later date.

Cool whip also goes great on top of pies, in fruit salads, or other chilled desserts.

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So Delicious Coco Whip

So Delicious is a very popular vegan brand that offers a variety of dairy-free products. Their coco whip cream is just one of those amazing, vegan friendly options.

This cool whip is rich and sweet with the slightest coconut after taste. Perfect for a decadent treat or as a sweet topping on fruit or pies.


Though TruWhip is not an entirely vegan brand, they do offer vegan friendly products like this cool whip cream.

This is made without coconut, which is perfect for those will allergies or a dislike for anything coconut flavored.

Just make sure to check the ingredients just to be certain that you are getting the right cool whip that is vegan friendly.

365 Plant-Based Whipped Topping

This 365 Plant-Based brand of cool whip is very similar to the TruWhip whipped cream.

It is also made without coconut but includes soy ingredients. It is marked as dairy-free which we know can still mean that it has forms of dairy in the ingredients. But this brand is truly vegan friendly and free of all animal products.

Vegan Whipping Cream Brands: Whip Cream Canisters

The second most popular option when it comes to vegan whip cream is the whipped cream that comes in canister form. You know, that whipped cream that can be squirted into your mouth when you are feeling extra sugar-crazed!

This form of non-dairy whipped cream is very convenient as it can be squirted on top of desserts. Creating a beautiful and tasty pile of luscious creamy goodness.

This is the perfect whipped cream for topping pies, ice cream, and strawberries. It is easy to take with you to family picnics and can be enjoyed by everyone vegan or not.

Reddi Wip

Reddi Whip is a popular canister whipped cream company that offers two types of dairy-free whipped cream. These are both entirely vegan and can be easily found in most mainstream grocery stores.

This is a great option if you don’t have access to harder to find vegan brands and it tastes just as good as the real thing!

Gay Lea Coconut Whipped Cream

Gay Lea is not a vegan company either as they sell a line of almost entirely dairy-made products. But they do offer one vegan friendly whipped cream option made with coconut milk.

This is a great canister whipped cream brand to buy if you have access to it.

Kineret Whipped Topping

This brand of spray whipped cream can be found in most mainstream grocery stores and is not only dairy-free but kosher as well.

This isn’t a vegan brand but it does offer this one vegan dairy option.

Food Heaven Heavenly Whip

Food Heaven is a UK brand that is entirely plant-based. They don’t yet sell in the U.S. but if you live in the UK they are a great brand to support.

Their spray whipped cream is entirely vegan and very similar to the real thing!

365 Oat-Based Whipped Topping

This brand of whipped cream is the perfect option for those who have food allergies or food sensitivities.

It is made without coconut, soy, or pea protein. Making it not only a great vegan option but an allergy-friendly option as well.

Soyatoo Soy and Rice whip Toppings

Though this is a German-based company, you might be lucky enough to find this whipped cream brand in your local grocery store. Whether you live in the UK or U.S.

This brand is one of the oldest vegan whipped cream brands and offers both rice and soy-based whipped cream options.

vegan whipping cream brands

Vegan Whipping Cream Brands: Carton Whipping Cream

This type of vegan whipping cream might be a bit harder to find for most of us. Especially if you don’t have easy access to health food or specialty food stores.

But this is still a great non-dairy whipped cream option if you can get your hands on some of these brands.

These carton whipping cream brands are more similar to traditional whipping cream. As they come in the form of a thick liquid that you whip up yourself like the classic dairy whipping cream.

This creates a whipped cream that is more similar to the real thing in taste and texture. It is also a great option if you find these other options to be overly sweet. As you add your own sugar to carton whipping creams.

This type of vegan whipping cream can be used on just about anything. Especially since you can control the level of sweetness in order to create a more refreshing whipped cream.

Silk Non-Dairy Whipping Cream

This brand of whipping cream comes from the popular vegan brand, Silk.

This silk whipping cream is one of the easier whipping creams to find that are dairy-free and vegan friendly.

This is a great product that can be whipped up at home to create a light and refreshing dessert additive or topper.

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Rich Whip Non-Dairy Topping

Rich is a brand that has been making vegan whipped cream for a very long time. And though they offer several vegan dairy options, not everything they offer is vegan friendly.

Their dairy-free topping can be whipped up at home to mimic dairy-based whipped cream in your desserts.

Soyatoo Soy and Rice Topping Creams

This is a brand that we already mentioned above but they also make vegan dairy-free whipping cream options.

They offer soy, rice, and coconut whipping creams that you can whip up at home. This is a great option if you have a personal preference or have a food allergy as you have three options to choose from.

Food Heaven Heavenly Whipping Cream

This is another brand that was mentioned previously that also offers vegan whipping cream options. These are also only available in the UK for now.

Their whipping cream is gluten, nut, and soy-free. Making it another allergy-friendly option.

Can You Make Vegan Whipped Cream at Home?

After reading this long list of all of the vegan whipped cream options available to you. You might also be wondering if you can make your own vegan whipped cream at home.

And the answer is yes, you certainly can!

There are several different kinds of dairy-free whipped cream recipes that you can whip up at home. This is a great option if you don’t have access to any of these vegan dairy brands or if you are on a strict budget.

Here are a few homemade whipped cream options that you can give a try:

Coconut Cream

Coconut whipped cream is the most common kind of homemade, dairy-free whipped cream that you are going to find.

This is a rich and creamy version made out of the solid part of a can of coconut milk. This is all of the fats that form a solid layer that is separated from the coconut water.

You can create a consistency similar to whipped cream by whipping up this solid, fatty layer with a bit of powdered sugar and vanilla extract.

This is a good substitute for whipped cream. Just keep in mind that it will be fattier and heavier than traditional whipped cream. And will have a coconut flavor.

Tofu Whipped Cream

Another excellent option when making vegan whipping cream at home is to use tofu. This will create a light and refreshing whipped cream that pairs beautifully with desserts.

You can make your own tofu whipping cream by blending together plant milk, silken tofu, sugar, and vanilla extract.

This will create a refreshing cream that can be used very similarly to real whipped cream. It is a healthy option that is also protein-rich.

It would go wonderfully with fruit salads and other refreshing desserts.

Cashew Cream

Cashews are a nut that is often used to mimic vegan dairy products as cashews create a creamy consistency similar to dairy products.

You can create a rich cashew whipped cream by blending soaked cashews up with some starch, water, vanilla extract, and sweetener.

This will create a luscious cream that is mild tasting and refreshing. Just be aware that it will be slightly tan in color and won’t perfectly replicate real whipped cream. It goes great in desserts, but it won’t be able to be used exactly as you would dairy-based whipped cream.

What Can You Make with Vegan Whipped Cream?

Now that you know about the vegan whipping cream brands and the homemade recipes that you can make yourself. You may be wondering how to use these kinds of whipped cream in your recipes.

The good thing is that whipped cream is a highly versatile ingredient that can be added to so many recipes!

You can create new kinds of desserts with it or simply level up an old favorite that you often make for your family.

Whipped cream can be a light and refreshing topper or the main ingredient in many different kinds of vegan desserts. Such as:

  • Fruit salad
  • Chocolate cream pie
  • Key lime pie
  • Pancakes
  • Trifle 
  • Puddings

Vegan Whipping Cream Brands Conclusion

Has this article on vegan whipping cream brands been helpful to you? Did you know about all of these vegan friendly whip cream options that you can buy?

I’ll admit that I was also pretty surprised by how many brands offer vegan whipped cream options. I guess I have never taken the time to look hard enough for them.

Now that so many brands have jumped on the bandwagon of offering dairy-free options. We don’t have to sacrifice tasty treats like whipped cream anymore. Not even on a vegan or plant-based diet.

Even if you aren’t vegan but have certain food allergies, this list might be helpful to you. As many of these brands offer allergy-friendly options as well as dairy-free options.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these whipped cream brands and what you thought of them.

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