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The 10 Types of Vegan Diet That You Need to Know About

Are you curious about the different types of vegan diet that you can follow? Or what the reasons to go vegan are for most people?

In this article we will be going over a list of the top 10 different vegan diets that you can follow. You would be surprised how many there really are!

If you can’t completely dedicate yourself to the basic fully vegan diet why not try another kind of vegan diet?

I know many people who think it is all the way or nothing, but I don’t agree with that mindset at all. I believe that you should do what you can when you can, if that means eating vegan sometimes or just being a vegetarian then so be it!

Even just a little effort can make a big difference in the long run! So, here are the 10 different types of vegan diets that you can follow and still feel like you are making a positive difference.

Types of Vegan Diets You Can Follow

I have been vegan for quite a long time and I will admit that I didn’t even know about some of these vegan diets! So, I hope that you are able to learn something new from this post.

I am all for everyone doing what they are able to. I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that a vegan diet can be hard at times.

It has definitely gotten easier with time, but it wasn’t always so easy. So, I can understand why many might have some misgivings about jumping fully into veganism.

So, if that is where your head is right now and your worried about how restrictive a vegan diet can be. Here are 10 options that you have to choose from!

Plant-Based or Dietary Vegan

A plant-based or dietary vegan are two names for the same thing. They mean that you are going vegan for your health.

This means that you will not eat any meat, dairy, eggs, or anything else that comes from an animal. But you will not apply veganism to your lifestyle.

A plant-based or dietary vegan only adjusts their diet. They can still purchase fur, leather, etc. because their diet is just that, a diet. They have done it for their health and not necessarily for ethical or environmental reasons.

Full Vegan or Ethical Vegan

A full or ethical vegan is someone who is completely committed to veganism in diet and lifestyle.

They don’t eat any animal products or buy anything that has been taken from an animal or tested on an animal. Because they have gone vegan strictly for ethical reasons and want to avoid participating in anything that harms animals. Whether that be directly or indirectly.

This is the most common type of vegan and they are usually vegan for many reasons but mostly for the animals. They will eat a completely vegan diet, as well as avoid animal products in their lifestyle such as leather or wool.

Raw Vegan

A raw type of vegan is fully vegan in diet and lifestyle, but they also avoid food that has been cooked over the temperature of 115ºF.

This is usually for health reasons such as to aid in weight loss, increase wellbeing, or to reduce the chances of health conditions.

Just keep in mind that there is little evidence that shows a raw diet to be healthier than other diets.

A raw diet is also the hardest by far to upkeep as it is expensive and you have to eat a lot of food to get enough calories. It isn’t realistic for most people in lifestyle or budget!

types of vegan

Green Vegan

A green vegan is going to be more concerned about the environment. They have gone vegan for the purpose of lessening their carbon footprint.

They will also usually avoid vegan products as they can be wasteful, and they usually practice a zero-waste lifestyle. They will rarely eat out or buy vegan products, choosing to eat home cooked food and to shop locally from farmers.

VB6 Vegan

VB6 stands for being vegan before 6 in the evening. This is close the full vegan diet only you have a brief period of the day where you can eat whatever you want.

This is a good option if you want to be vegan but struggle to eat completely vegan all of the time. Or if you struggle to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and your body needs extra nourishment from certain animal products.

It is also good for families as you can eat a vegan diet until the evening family meal.

Sometimes Vegan

The sometimes vegan will pick specific days to eat vegan. Maybe they eat vegan the whole week and eat normally on the weekends or vice versa.

This is another vegan diet that is much more achievable for many people, making it a great option. It allows you to follow a vegan diet while still having some lenience to eat as you like occasionally.

You could even make certain meals of the day vegan, like dinner or lunch. Eating normally throughout the rest of the day.

Mostly Vegan

The mostly type of vegan tries to eat vegan most of the time whenever they can.

It is much like the sometimes vegan only they don’t have set times or days for eating vegan. They simply choose vegan options when they are available.

If you struggle to eat a vegan diet because of lifestyle factors this is a great low stress option. As you just do the best that you can when you can.

Picking vegan options when they are available to you instead of actively trying to seek them out.

This can still make a big difference in the long run and is an excellent option for most people who live a busy lifestyle.

Paris Vegan

The Paris vegan eats vegan most of the time but eats vegetarian when they are eating out.

This helps to take the pressure off when it comes to dining out with friends and family. Making eating out less stressful and unpleasant.

Any vegan can be a Paris vegan for convenience sake, but it is especially useful if you dine out regularly. Or if you are new to veganism and are feeling overwhelmed and a bit intimidated.

Travel Vegan

A travel vegan is vegan in their day to day life but eats what they want when they are traveling.

This allows them to be able to enjoy the cuisine of the locations that they go to without having to restrict.

This is great for vacations when you want to be able to fully embrace the culture and experiences. Allowing yourself to take a step back from your normal diet in order to enjoy where you are visiting.

I personally think this is a great option for many vegans, as it can be hard to truly enjoy a trip if you cant eat the food there.

types of vegan

Whole Foods Vegan

The whole foods vegan eats a fully vegan diet that is also clean and made up of only whole foods.

This is a very restrictive one of the types of vegan diet, almost as strict as a raw vegan diet.

A whole foods vegan diet does not include any processed foods such as junk food, white flour, or white sugar and so on.

This is a vegan diet that people follow if they want to clean out their diet of processed foods and eat as naturally as possible. Removing processed food and only relying on homemade whole foods, made with the best ingredients.

This is a very healthy diet but one that isn’t realistic for most. As it can be expensive and is one of the hardest vegan diets to maintain.

How to Decide Which Types of Vegan Diet to Follow?

Which vegan diet you decide to follow is going to be a very personal decision made from your own specific reasonings.

It will come down to just a few basic points that you are trying to achieve such as:

  • Reason for going vegan
  • Priorities
  • Availability

These three factors will most likely be the most important points in how you make your decision on what types of vegan diet will work best for you.

Because how serious you are is going to determine how hard you want to try as well as your priorities for going vegan.

Your availability is also an important factor. If you just can’t manage a completely vegan diet then you will have to find an alternative option. One that will best fit your lifestyle.

The most important thing is that you decide on a manageable option that you can still accomplish!

Biggest Reasons to Go Vegan

Now that you know all about the different types of vegans out there, maybe you are looking for reasons to go vegan. The why behind the action.

Well there are many reasons why you might want to go vegan or you might want to go vegan for all of the reasons mentioned below.

Why you decide to do so is going to be completely up to you and your personal convictions. Whether you want to go vegan in order to stop supporting the mistreatment of animals or to maintain your health and stay energized.

You have many amazing reasons why you might choose to go vegan!

The Environment

The environment is a big reason why many go vegan because it is no secret that everything that goes into the meat and dairy industry harm the environment.

Meat and dairy farms take up huge areas of land not to mention the thousands of crops needed to feed the animals.

I am not going to go into all of the gritty details. But the meat and dairy industry create a huge footprint on the environment.

Which is why this is one area to really look at if you are environmentally conscious.

The Animals

Possibly the number one reason to go vegan is for the animals.

Because modern day meat, dairy, and egg distribution is cruel and inhumane. The huge demand for animal products has created a raging beast that is barely controlled or observed.

These animals live terrible, short lives in very poor conditions. Often never getting to step outside or graze on real grass.

And that is only touching on the meat industry as the dairy and egg industry are no better in their harmful practices.

If you care about the well fair of animals in any way at all you should do some research on these industries in order to understand why they are so inhumane to the animals.

For Your Health

Another one of the reasons to go vegan is because you are concerned for your health.

I don’t make any claims that a vegan diet is the healthiest for everyone. I don’t think that there is any way for us to know that for sure. But I do think that it can be generally healthier for most.

It is a good way to lose weight or practice better eating habits. It can help you to clean your diet up of poor-quality foods to incorporate more whole foods into your meals.

A vegan diet is also considered to be healthier for those with heart conditions as a vegan diet is lower in cholesterol.

It might even be a good dietary change for those who have a poor relationship with food. As it can rebuild a positive mindset towards food and eating.

Conclusion of Types of Vegan Diet

I hope that this article has been helpful to you when deciding which types of vegan diet to follow. And that you can now make a more educated decision for yourself on the topic.

There are many to choose from, some less intense than others. Making it so much easier to decide to go vegan!

You could start out small and work your way up, or you could simply stick to doing the best that you can. Every little bit of effort matters and it all adds up!

What kind of vegan are you? Or are you in the stages of deciding?

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