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How to Easily Make a Box Cake Vegan Friendly

Are you trying to find out how to make a box cake vegan friendly? Or looking for a vegan box cake mix to try out like Betty Crocker vegan cake mixes?

In today’s article I am going to be giving you the scoop on how to make an amazing vegan box cake recipe. No eggs and no dairy, but just as good as the real thing!

Though I am the ‘make it from scratch’ kind of person, I can understand the ease of using a box cake mix.

They are fast, easy, and almost always turn out good. I can see the benefit. Which is why I wanted to share some tips on how to veganize a cake box mix.

The good thing is that most cake mixes are actually already vegan friendly. Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker vegan cake mixes are just a few examples.

Making cake mixes a great option for a fast and easy vegan dessert to please everyone!

So, if you want to find out how to make the perfect box cake every time with no milk or eggs. Then keep reading.

How to Make a Box Cake Vegan Friendly

If you are in a rush or just aren’t very good at baking from scratch, vegan box cake mixes are a great option.

Their easy to make and almost always turn out soft, spongy, and moist.

Making a box cake vegan is really much easier than you might think and only requires a few small substitutions.

With the right substitutions you can still get a fabulously tasty cake that everyone will love. Even the most picky family member will probably gobble up a slice or two!

So, keep reading to find out what the best substitutes are for veganizing a box cake mix. And don’t forget to read till the end for a list of vegan friendly cake mixes.

Replacing the Eggs

Replacing eggs in baking is just about the most complicated vegan substitution. This is because eggs not only give baked goods structure, but they bind ingredients together as well as act as a leavener.

This makes replacing eggs just a bit more complicated but not impossible by any means!

Eggs might play a bunch of important roles in baked goods but there are still plenty of amazing egg substitutes that you can use instead.

Here are just a few popular options to choose from that are sure to give you amazing results.

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Vegan Egg Replacer

One very easy way to replace the eggs in a recipe is to use a vegan egg replacer that you would buy in stores.

These are usually a mixture of binding ingredients that you add straight into your batter or add water to.

I personally don’t have much experience with vegan egg replacers, but I have heard good things.

Make sure to follow the measurements that your vegan egg replacer recommends for the best results.

Flax Egg

The classic route to go is to use the tried and true flax egg. This egg options does everything that a normal egg would do without needing a chicken to do it!

Just keep in mind that flax eggs tend to be a bit heavier than real eggs, so they can make your cake a bit more dense.

If this worries you try adding in some baking powder into your vegan cake mix for extra leavening.

To Make: 

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Apple Sauce

Another amazing egg substitute to make your box cake vegan friendly is apple sauce.

Apple sauce is an amazing egg replacement as it helps to bind ingredients as well as add lightness to your baked good. It also adds in extra moisture to the crumb for a moist cake.

To replace the eggs in a cake, mix use ¼ cup of unsweetened, plain apple sauce. make sure to use plain unsweetened apple sauce for the best results.

Fruit Puree

Fruit purees are great egg substitutes as they all work in similar ways to apple sauce. Creating moist baked gods that melt in your mouth.

You can also pick a fruit puree to add flavor to your vegan box cake mix for an added flare.

Try adding pumpkin puree for a pumpkin flavored cake or pureed banana for a banana flavor. I have even seen people use canned pie filling in the same way.

Use ¼ cup of fruit puree in your cake mix in replacement of the eggs.

box cake vegan


Yogurt is an amazing egg replacement and can really help to add some moisture into your cakes crumb.

This is an easy way of replacing eggs without affecting the cakes structure much at all. In fact, you will get a softer and longer lasting cake using yogurt!

Simply add in ¼ cup of your favorite vegan yogurt in the place of eggs.

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Replacing the Dairy

Replacing dairy to make a box cake vegan is a very simple step to take for a fast and easy vegan friendly dessert.

Milk is one of the easiest ingredients to replace in baking recipes.

Even if your box cake mix doesn’t call for milk, some call for water, it is still a good idea to use a plant milk.

This adds richness and a nice crumb, while water can actually make a cake turn out bready or dense.

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Make a Soda Vegan Box Cake Recipe

You have probably heard of people using soda to make a box cake vegan and as crazy as it sounds it actually does work!

I have tried it myself and can attest to the fact that it does create a pretty nice box cake. You probably could fool someone who didn’t know that it was made without eggs!

The soda works as a leavening agent and helps the cake to rise. Depending on what kind of soda you choose, it can even impart a nice flavor to the cake.

To Make: 1 Cake Mix + 10 oz. Soda

All you have to do is mix the two ingredients together like you would any other type of vegan box cake recipe.

The batter with froth a bit and will take a little longer to cook in the oven. Plan on letting the cake bake for at least 10 – 25 minutes longer then the box says.

You can also optout for soda water instead of a soda. That is what I usually do since I don’t want the added sugar in my cake.

I usually use something like this key lime sparkling water, it goes great in white, yellow, or lemon cakes.

For a really amazing soda cake, use some of the tips mentioned below!

More Tips for the Perfect Vegan Box Cake

If you really want to take your box cake to the next level you will want to add a few extra ingredients to the mix.

To make a box cake vegan friendly and amazingly tasty here are a few ingredients to give your cake that wow factor. So, no one will ever suspect that this is a vegan cake without any eggs or milk!

Just don’t try them al at one time, try to only use one or two of these tips to begin with. This way you can better decide how you like to adapt your cake to suit your taste.

Add More Flour

One pf the best tips for making a box cake vegan friendly without messing with the structure is to add extra flour.

Like we talked about above, eggs serve many roles including adding structure to baked goods.

By adding in extra flour, you are creating more structure in your vegan box cake mix which can help to replace the eggs. Doing this will give you the most realistic vegan cake.

You can add up to a cup of flour, but I personally would recommend only adding an extra ½ cup.

Double the Fat

Most cake mixes will call for either oil or butter. These ingredients provide moisture and richness that would otherwise be lacking.

In order to get a wonderfully rich cake that tastes and feels like it came from a five-star bakery. Try adding in extra oil or vegan butter.

More fat equals a better crumb that will have the richness and moisture of a homemade or professionally made cake.

For more flavor you can ditch the oil altogether to replace it with vegan butter. Or you could use oil with a teaspoon of butter flavoring.

Add Pudding Mix

This baking tip is something that I learned about recently and just had to share! And that is to add in a pack of instant pudding mix.

This helps to improve the texture of the cake and keep it moist for longer. Cakes with pudding mix tend to stay fresh tasting for much longer before getting dry and stale.

I even saw some cake mixes that came with pudding mix already added. Which just shows how popular this tip is!

Pudding mixes also help to add flavor. If you want a pistachio cake add in pistachio pudding and so on.

Use Some Baking Powder

If you are worried about your vegan box cake recipe turning out flat and dense try adding in some baking powder.

This is a great tip if you are replacing your eggs with a substitute that is a bit heavy like a fruit puree or flax eggs.

Just a bit of extra baking powder can help to give your cake extra lift and volume to counter act any heavier additives. So, that you can still get a lovely cake that rises well.

I wouldn’t recommend using more than ½ a teaspoon of baking powder.

Popular Box Cakes That are Vegan Friendly

You would be amazed at just how many box cake brands are actually accidentally vegan!

This makes it that much easier to make delicious and easy vegan cakes without any extra fuss or hassle.

Here are a few brands of cake mix that are completely vegan friendly:

Just keep in mind that these brands offer several vegan options, but they are not all vegan friendly.

Make sure to read the ingredients before buying in order to avoid grabbing one that isn’t vegan by mistake.

I personally prefer using the brand Betty Crocker for vegan cake making but it’s all just personal preference. All of these brands have excellent vegan options.

Most of these brands even offer frostings that are vegan friendly. So, you could easily bake a cake and frost it with little to no hassle.


I hope that this article on making box cakes vegan friendly has helped you out in your baking endeavors.

I love to bake from scratch, but I can understand the ease of simply grabbing a cake mix to quickly whip up a fabulous dessert.

And with these tips and vegan box cake recipe hacks, you are sure to end up with an amazing vegan cake.

Many of these cake mix brands even offer frostings that are completely vegan, so you are all set!

Happy baking everyone!

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