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Best Vegan Snacks to Eat on the Go That are Still Healthy

Are you looking for the best vegan snacks to buy or for healthy vegan snacks for road trips and vacations?

In this article we are talking about the best snacks that you can find. All vegan, all healthy so that you can snack free of any guilt.

All of these snacks are great options for the health-conscious vegan who still wants a treat every now and then.

These are also great options for camping trips, road trips, vacations, or a busy day at work when you need a pick me up!

Snacking on a vegan diet may be a bit harder but it is certainly not impossible! Many of these can be found in just about any grocery store or online. You can even find many of these vegan snacks in Walmart!

So, keep reading to find out what snacks are both vegan friendly while still being healthy options.

Best Vegan Snacks That are Healthy on the Go

Snacking on a vegan diet may feel a bit less fun since many snacks are excluded but there are still plenty of snacking options available.

I have decided to try to stick with healthier options as we could all use less bad food in our lives I’m sure.

These snack options are great to have around for when you want something fast on the go that is still tasty and healthy.

I have also included a list of foods that you could make at home for yourself if you really want healthier plant-based munchies!

So, don’t forget to read till the end for even more healthy vegan snacks options and ideas.


This section is all about the sweet! Because I know that I can’t be alone with my sweet tooth for snacks.

There are plenty of great sweets in this list of the best vegan snacks to choose from if you also have a sweet tooth.

Apple Cinnamon Flavored Rice Cakes

These apple cinnamon rice cakes make an excellent sweet option when it comes to snacking. They are made primarily of puffed rice which is filling and more nutritious than many other options.

This is the perfect snack to pair with some dried fruit and a nice drink of water to keep you going until your next meal.

Brown Sugar Valley Crunch Granola Bars

These taste granola bars are loaded wit plenty of good carbs and proteins. And they are downright delicious and the perfect option for those with a sweet tooth.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cliff Bar

If you are a chocolate lover then you might just need to grab a few of these sweet cliff bars! Not only are these easy to eat on the go but they are very nutritious and perfect fuel to keep you going throughout the day.

They are great for days when you don’t have time to stop for a meal or for traveling.

Dried Fruit

Some of the best sweet snacks available are dried fruit. This is because you get all of the nourishment of fruit concentrated into smaller, easy to eat pieces.

Some nutritionally packed dried fruits include unsweetened dried apricots or unsweetened dried blueberries.

Dark Chocolate and Nuts Kind Bar

Kind bars are a great on the go snack that prove plenty of complex carbs and protein.

In this vegan friendly kind bar, you will get dark chocolate, an assortment of nuts, with notes of sea salt.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chewy Bars

These chocolaty and chewy bars are a great sweet treat to help banish those chocolate cravings.

They are a much healthier option than most cookies and snacks while still feeling satisfying.

Banana Chips

Banana dried chips are a great sweet snack that is satisfying and crunchy. They can even be dipped into things like peanut butter for an even more filling snack.

Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bar

Lara bars are an excellent option if you want a very clean, very healthy snack. These peanut butter cookie bars for instance only contain three ingredients!


Some of the best snacks are of the salty variety so you have lots of options if you want something more savory.

Here are some healthier snack options if you want something satisfying and a bit salty to help out that craving.

Sun-dried Tomato Basil Wheat Thins

These sun-dried tomato basil crackers are an amazingly salty and savory snack! They are just bursting with flavor and will leave you feeling more than satisfied.

Not to mention that these are a healthier option than potato chips or several other kinds of crackers.

Salted Rice Cake

Much like the sweet option above, these savory rice cakes are made out of puffed rice which provides some good carbs and a filling treat.

These rice cakes are lightly salted and can be enjoyed on their own or used as a base or other savory treats such as vegan cheeses and meats or other savory toppers.

Salted Mixed Nuts

Salted nuts are a great on the go snack that can help to satisfy a salty craving as well as give you fuel and energy. Nuts are great for snacking as they provide plenty of protein and healthy fats.

best vegan snacks

White Cheddar Chickpea Puffs

These chickpea puffs are to die for with their savory, cheesy goodness. And they are completely vegan.

These chickpea puffs are very similar to cheetos with a similar texture and taste. Only they are entirely vegan and much healthier.

Plain Pita Chips

These pita chips are a great lightly salted snack that provides the satisfaction of potato chips but in a healthier way.


I’m not a spicy lover myself but I know many love to take the heat!

So, here is a list of the best plant-based treats to satisfy that spicy craving that you might have. Because just because its vegan doesn’t mean that it can’t have a kick!

Spicy Trail Mix

This cajun seasoned spicy trail mix is sure to satisfy your spicy craving!

It has an assortment of peanuts, corn, and other tasty tis bits to snack on when your out and about.

Jalapeño Snyders Pretzel Pieces

These deliciously spicy pretzel pieces are perfect for any spice lover and are a very satisfying snack. Not the healthiest option but still better than a bag of chips.

Jalapeño Flavored Cashews

These jalapeño flavored nuts are to die for if you enjoy a nice kick of spice. Not to mention all of the protein and healthy vegan fats that they have to offer.

Kid Friendly Snacks

If you are looking for the best vegan snacks for kids this section is for you. With plenty of healthier snack options that still please even the pickiest children.

Unfrosted Strawberry Pop Tart

This might not be the healthiest option but it is sure to be a kid pleaser none the less.

These pop tarts are a bit healthier since they don’t contain the extra sugary frosting which also makes them vegan friendly.

Natures Bakery Blueberry Fig Bars

These sweet little bars are made with a whole wheat crust and stuffed with fig and blueberry. Making a delicious and kid approved snack for long car rides and road trips.

Apple Sauce Pouches

These apple sauce pouches are amazingly handy for long car trips, as they can be easily eaten without creating a mess. Perfect for children who are in need of an easy snack.

Snacks for Driving

If you are going on a road trip or simply want some handy options for a long day after work this list is for you.

These driving friendly treats are easy to eat and handle, you can even find many of these vegan snacks at Walmart!

Peanut Butter Puff Cereal

If you want a satisfying and ease to eat snack for driving cereal is going to be one of the best options!

This whole grain corn meal cereal is peanut butter flavored and oh so tasty. Not to mention, way healthier than most breakfast cereals and entirely vegan.

Boom Chicka Pop Corn

This pre-popped pop corn is a delicious treat that is easy to enjoy while driving or on the go. It is lightly salted and easy to eat without making a mess or getting distracted.

Cracked Pepper Wheat Thins

These pepper wheat crackers are perfect for driving and eating with ease. Plus they are filling and satisfying without making a mess.

Best Vegan Snacks to Make at Home

Looking for some healthy vegan snacks that are a bit healthier than what you would buy in the stores?

Here are just a few simple and easy recipes for homemade snacks that you can try out for yourself!

Making your own treats at home are not only healthier but are more cost effective as well if you are a vegan on a budget.

My Favorite Healthy Vegan Snacks

Wondering what the best vegan snacks are to choose from? This list is of my tried and tested snack options that I personally feel are the best.

I don’t buy snacks very often as I prefer to cook my own food, but when I do you can bet that I’m going to be buying one of these amazing snacks!

Why it is Important to Choose Healthy Snacks

I’m not going to lie, I often tend to grab unhealthy snacks when traveling.

I think that we tend to look at snacks as treats, so we want to indulge in all of the bad stuff that we normally wouldn’t eat. But when it comes to traveling or even just eating a snack in the place off a meal, it is important to try to choose healthier options.

Food is fuel for our body and it needs the proper fuel to keep going. If you eat a candy bar instead of a granola bar you are going to get hungrier ten times faster. you might even have a sugar crash and end up feeling much more tired afterwards.

This is why it is so important to try to always pick the healthier options, because those are the smart options.

Candy and sweet treats aren’t going to get you through a long drive or a tiring day at work. But nuts, granola, dried fruit, and other nourish snacks will.

This is why it is important to try to grab better options for yourself when you know that snacks are going to be fueling you throughout the day.


I hope that this list of vegan friendly special foods has been helpful to you.

Trying to find vegan options in the stores can be an annoying hassle, especially if you are in a rush. Which is why lists like this one come in handy!

They help to make it completely clear as to what is vegan friendly and what isn’t. making it easier for you to quickly pick out what snacks you want to try.

Just remember to keep in mind that every area is different so if you find these snacks at your local grocery store the ingredients may be different.

I can only guarantee that the foods I have linked to are vegan since I have personally checked them for myself.

Let me know what your favorite type of vegan snack is. Are you a sweet, salty, or spy type of snacker?

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