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The Best Vegan Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands to Buy

Are you looking for non-dairy ice cream brands to buy or for the best vegan ice cream brands to find at your local grocery store?

In this article we will be talking about six ice cream brands that are either vegan or that offer vegan friendly options.

Just because you have decided to cut out dairy from your diet doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy ice cream! In fact, you still have plenty of amazing ice cream options available.

Just keep in mind that not all of these brands are vegan brands, so you will need to clarify which flavors are vegan for some of these options.

So, keep reading to find out what vegan ice cream you should try out for yourself!

Best Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream was once something that was very hard to find as a vegan but now many more brands are starting to offer dairy free options.

It is now so much easier to find dairy free ice cream between all of the new vegan brands that are now available. And the older brands that are starting to offer vegan friendly options.

Here are just a few of those brands available that I thought were the most widely offered. There are many more vegan ice cream brands, but I tried to pick the ones that I though everyone would have the most luck finding.

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Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream options are some of the best out there. Especially if you originally loved their ice creams before going vegan.

They are especially great as their ice creams are offered at most grocery stores including Walmart! Making them much more accessible then some other dairy free brands.

Their ice creams are also very similar to milk-based ice cream in my opinion. Without using coconut milk which often yields a slight flavor change.

Overall, I would recommend this as a brand for newbie vegans or for people who are suspicious of vegan ice creams. As it is very close to the original milk-based ice creams that we once loved to eat!


 From what I have read it seems as though all of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams are made with either almond milk or sunflower butter.

This gives their ice creams a creamy yet light consistency that is still believable without being overly rich.

The base is also very mild in flavor which helps you to further enjoy their flavor options!


Ever since releasing their first non-dairy ice creams, Ben and Jerry has consistently provided even more flavors!

Last I checked there were 17 non-dairy ice cream flavors for us vegans to enjoy! Giving you plenty of options from fudgy brownie to cinnamon buns!

non-dairy ice cream brands

So Delicious Ice Cream

So Delicious is one of the best vegan ice cream brands on the market with their indulgent line of ice cream flavors!

This is the perfect brand if you are craving a rich and milky ice cream that is most similar to milk-based ice cream.

I personally find most of their ice creams to be too rich for me, but I also haven’t eaten milk ice cream in a very long time! So, maybe I just got to use to almond milk ice creams.

If you are craving that familiar rich ice cream that you gave up once becoming vegan then you can satisfy that craving now! You could also use it to fool your loved ones into enjoying a vegan friendly pint of ice cream!


So Delicious products are made up of two different bases, some are made with coconut milk while others are made with cashew milk.

The coconut milk is slightly richer while cashew milk is just a little less decadent if you are like me and find the coconut milk to be a little too much.


I wasn’t able to find the exact amount of ice creams available, but I did count up to 22 different flavors! This isn’t including all of the ice cream bars hey also have available!

They are consistently adding on new flavors of ice cream and occasionally discontinue certain flavors.

This is one of the best non-dairy ice cream brands to try out if you are having serious ice cream cravings!

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

Coconut Bliss is an amazing vegan ice cream brand if you are looking for something healthy to snack on.

As far as ice cream goes, this brand is pretty healthy in comparison and contains only organic and vegan ingredients.

Because this brand is entirely vegan you can enjoy all of their flavors and products without having to double check the ingredients list! Which is such a luxury after having to read all of the labels in your grocery cart on shopping day!

This is also one of the creamier ice cream brands that imitates regular ice cream well enough to fool non-vegans! If you are really craving normal ice cream, than this is the ice cream option for you.


Like the name suggests these ice creams are all made with a base of creamy coconut milk. To give them the most authentic ice cream consistency.

I have yet to try out this brand of vegan ice cream so I can’t say whether or not it has a coconut taste. With so many flavors available I would assume that it doesn’t.

This is another one of the best vegan ice cream brands if you are looking for something most similar to milk-based ice cream. As coconut milk creates a similar consistency.


I was able to count 47 different Coconut Bliss flavors all together which is an amazing amount of options!

They offer special categories of ice cream flavors. Such as nut lovers, classic flavors, chocolate lovers, and an assortment of specialty flavors.

This is one of the non-dairy ice cream brands that has a little something that everyone will love.

Almond Dream Ice Cream

As the name would suggest, Almond Dream is made with almond milk. Making it a bit lighter and less fattening than ice cream made with coconut milk.

This is one of my personal favorites as I enjoy the slight nutty flavor from the almond milk. And I generally prefer lighter ice cream as opposed to more decadent ones.

This is a brand that is also a bit easier to find then some other vegan ice cream brands. I can usually grab a pint from my local Walmart or Safeway store without having to look very far.

Making it more accessible to most people, though it is still a little pricy even if it isn’t the most expensive brand out there.


As we mentioned above Almond Dream products are made up of a base of light and creamy almond milk.

Giving them a lighter and slightly more icy consistency. If you are an ice cream snob and need very creamy ice creams that are similar to milk-based ice cream. Then you might want to skip on this particular brand.


As far as I can tell there are at least 5 different Almond Dream ice cream flavors to choose from. This is also a vegan brand, so you don’t need to worry about checking the ingredients.

They also sell specialty ice cream bites that is vanilla ice cream covered in a coating of chocolate. Their ice cream flavors include the classic vanilla and chocolate as well as a few specialty flavors.

Talenti Ice Cream

Though this might not necessarily be an ice cream if we want to get technical about it. I still thought it was worth an honorable mention as it is still a great option.

If you are craving something a little lighter and fresher you should try out Talenti’s sorbetto options.

They are light and refreshing and oftentimes made with real fruit puree for a healthier alternative to ice cream. Though they also offer more creamy options made with coconut milk. For a more realistic ice cream substitute.

This is a brand that I find myself reaching for often as it has plenty of delicious flavors to choose from. Even though it is not technically a vegan ice cream brand. And I personally enjoy a lighter ice cream now and again.

If you enjoy lighter or fruity desserts this is a great option for you!


The Talenti sorbetto options all contain different bases according to which flavor you are getting.

The fruit flavors are made up of a base of water, fruit puree, and fruit juice to create a sorbet consistency. While their creamier options are mostly made up of coconut milk.

This is not a vegan brand so you will need to check the ingredients of the flavors you want just to be safe.

Despite this not being one of the non-dairy ice cream brands it still has a wonderful selection of vegan friendly options to try out!


As of right now Talenti has 7 non-dairy options for you to choose from. Most are fruit flavored such as strawberry hibiscus or roman raspberry. But they have other options such as peanut butter fudge and cold brew coffee!

The bases vary according to flavor with many of the creamier flavors being made with a base of coconut milk. While the fruit flavors are made from a base of fruit and water.

This brand offers a slightly healthier option if that is something that concerns you.

Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top is a popular ice cream brand that offers lower calorie options so that you can indulge without guilt.

I personally just found out that they have vegan friendly options available! So, I will need to grab one of their dairy free flavors as soon as I am able to!

This is a great option if you are trying to cut back on calories or trying to choose healthier snack options. As this brand offers ice cream with much fewer calories. I believe it has less sugar as well!


The Halo Top dairy free options are made with a base of coconut milk. I haven’t been able to grab one of these ice creams for myself so I can’t say much to the texture just yet.

This is an ice cream brand with very few calories however, so I would imagine that it wouldn’t be too rich or heavy.


Halo Top now offers 7 different flavors of dairy free ice cream for you to choose from! Including flavors like birthday cake, candy bar, and sea salt caramel.

Though this isn’t a vegan brand it is wonderful that they are offering vegan options. You will just need to make sure that you are grabbing the dairy free flavors instead of the regular ones.


Has this list of vegan ice cream options whetted your appetite? I know that I am craving ice cream now!

I hope that this list of non-dairy ice cream brands has helped you to figure out what brands you can buy from when those ice cream cravings hit. There are a decent amount of options for vegans, more than there used to be for sure.

Now we can enjoy ice cream just like everyone else, without having to support the dairy industry.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the vegan friendly options and what you thought of them.

There are still many on this list that I have yet to try for myself!

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