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6 Ways a Vegan Diet Will Change You for the Better

Are you trying to find out just how a vegan diet will change you? What the positive side effects are to eating healthy vegan food for life?

In this article we are going to be talking about 7 positive changes that you might experience when making the switch to a vegan diet.

About how going vegan might make you feel better and be better in the long run.

There are so many benefits to going vegan that I won’t be able to fit into this article. But just know that there are a LOT of wonderful things that will happen when you go vegan!

So, keep reading to find out what positive changes you might experience once you start following an easy vegan diet.

Ways That a Vegan Diet Will Change You

There are many ways that a vegan lifestyle will change you from the physical to the mental. Because veganism isn’t just about the food.

It is about so much more than that, which is why it has such a big impact on your life. Following a diet is one thing but going vegan is a lifestyle change not just a diet change.

You will most certainly begin to feel some positive side effects to your new lifestyle not long after starting it. Whether they be mental or physical.

So, keep reading till the end of this article to find out how to have an easy transition into veganism.

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1.    You Will Eat Healthier

Now this isn’t a guaranteed result of going vegan as it takes a little effort on your part as well.

But it is generally a well-known rule that healthy vegan food is much easier to come by. Because so many vegan options just happen to also be healthy options!

I had a terrible diet before going vegan. And I do mean a terrible diet!

I didn’t eat enough and what I did eat most certainly wasn’t the best option that I had. Snacking all day led to some very poor eating habits so I really could only improve my diet from there.

Eating a veggie-based diet naturally led me into better eating habits. Helping me to discover new favorites, rekindle old ones, and develop a taste for wholesome food.

I wasn’t even trying to eat healthier, I just wanted to dive right into eating a vegan diet and it just happened naturally with no extra effort from me.

I think that this is how it happens for most people. Veganism is pretty healthy even without trying and makes eating a healthy diet feel so much easier!

If you really want to get a good start to eating a healthy vegan diet, why not invest in a vegan cookbook? This Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan by Heather Nichols is a great book to start out with!

2.    You Might Lose a Few Pounds

This isn’t something that happens to everyone, but many have seen positive results with dropping a few extra pounds once switching to veganism.

I personally never noticed a difference, but I had also never been overweight and didn’t have much if any extra weight to lose.

Now that I have been vegan for many years I can tell that it is easier for me to drop extra weight if I make the effort to. I find that I build muscle very fast when I am exercising and get lean without having to change my food habits.

A vegan meal plan is a great option if weight is a concern to you. And I truly believe that it will help you to lose the weight faster than if you were following a different diet.

Veganism is pretty healthy just as it is which makes eating healthier much easier and less of a transition from what you would normally eat.

Healthy vegan food is also just naturally lighter and lower in calories.

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3.    You Will Learn to Cook Better

One huge positive that I hadn’t been expecting when I went vegan was that I would develop a love for cooking!

I had never been one to cook and barely even knew how to boil some dried pasta. But once I went vegan I jumped right into cooking and developed a passion for it.

Now I make my own bread, pasta, and whatever else I happen to be craving!

Eating healthy vegan food is a great way of sharpening up your culinary skills and who doesn’t want to be a better cook?

If you don’t already cook for yourself, switching to a plant-based diet will definitely encourage you to do so!

And I am sure that you will begin to love it as you learn new skills in the kitchen.

4.    You Will Love Food Even More

One wonderful benefit to going vegan is that you will build a greater relationship with food!

I had never had any issues with food before, I simply saw it as a means to an end. But once I went vegan I started to fall more in love with food.

I fell in love with the taste, in making it, and the ritual of eating it. Cooking and eating became a treat, a special time of the day.

Healthy vegan food is flavorful, filling, and nourishing. An utter pleasure to create and eat and it is sure to make you fall more in love with it.

If you struggle to have a good relationship with food, veganism might just help you out with that.

It is a great diet that isn’t really a diet at all. It isn’t about weight loss or restrictions. It is about empathy and eating with a greater reason than to just satisfy a craving.

5.    Your Conscience Will be Clear

If you have decided to go vegan it just might be because you have always felt uneasy about eating animals and animal byproducts.

I know I personally always struggled with the idea of loving animals and still eating them. It just always felt a bit off to me which is why I never really ate much meat to begin with.

If you are going vegan it is probably because you have also struggled with the idea of consuming animal products. Which is why veganism helps you to live with a clearer conscience.

It will give you a lingering peace of mind that you didn’t have before. And it will leave you feeling as though you have done your best everyday even if only in a very small way.

6.    You Will Feel More Energized

One huge benefit to following an easy vegan diet is that you will begin to feel more energized.

Vegan food is naturally lighter and less heavy in comparison to non-vegan food. Which will leave you feeling lighter and more energized.

Rarely will you get that feeling of heavy drowsiness after eating a nourishing vegan meal. And plant-based foods will leave you feeling full but not overly full.

I often felt unwell after eating a meal that contained meat and dairy but once I gave up those things I rarely felt that way after a meal.

My meals were full of grains and veggies instead. Leaving me feeling just as full and satisfied without the uncomfortable feeling afterwards.

This is a great dietary switch if you struggle with overeating or feeling very sluggish after meals. As a plant-based diet is naturally easier on the stomach.

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How to Follow an Easy Vegan Diet

When you are just starting to consider making the switch to a vegan diet it can look pretty intimidating.

Believe me, I was in that same position wondering if I was capable of making the switch to veganism. Because from the outside it can look so difficult or maybe even impossible for your lifestyle.

But I promise you that anyone can become vegan if you are determined enough. Of course, factors such as age and health issues might make it more difficult, but you can still try your best.

I consider my diet to be very easy and hassle free. I don’t eat complicated food or splurge on health foods or expensive vegan substitutes.

My diet consists of the easiest and usually the cheapest veggies and ingredients that you can find.

Here are just a few tips to help you eat an easy vegan diet as well:

  • Make simple yet delicious recipes
  • Eat what you normally would, only make it vegan
  • Make vegan products a treat instead of a normal occurrence
  • Learn how to make more homemade foods
  • Meal plan and meal prep each week
  • Make batches of food and freeze individual portions

How to Have a Smooth Transition to a Vegan Diet

Transitioning to a vegan diet can feel like a complicated adjustment to make. Especially if you are going from an animal product heavy diet straight into a vegan one.

The problem with having a bad transition into veganism is that it might deterred you from sticking to it. It can ruin the experience for you and ultimately send you running back to your old ay of eating.

I have met many people who went vegan for a few days or a few weeks but eventually gave up because they went about it all wrong. They usually jumped in far too fast and didn’t leave room for an adjustment period.

Which resulted in a bad first experience and left them feeling unmotivated and unwilling to try veganism again.

I don’t want that to happen to you, so here are a few tips to help you have success in this big change in your life!

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Go Vegetarian First

One of my greatest tips that I followed myself would be to go vegetarian before going fully vegan.

This is a great way to slowly adjust to these new dietary changes in a way that is manageable and slow. Helping you to take just one small step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

By going vegetarian first, you are taking baby steps by cutting meat out of your diet first. Making it just a bit easier to adjust once you make the full switch to no animal products whatsoever.

For this to really work try going vegetarian for at least a month before going fully vegan. This will give you time to adjust to a meat-free diet before making the big change.

From there you can slowly begin to remove animal products from your diet, then from your lifestyle.

Make Small Changes

This tip goes hand in hand with the one above as the secret to going successfully vegan is to take small steps in the right direction.

Start by cutting meat out of your diet and find new meat replacements in your meals. Learning how to create satisfying meals without any kind of meat.

Next you can slowly start to cut out other animal products such as eggs, honey, cheese, milk, and other dairy products.

The last steps you should take is to start to make your lifestyle vegan friendly. By not buying from beauty brands that test on animals, buying leather or fur cloths, and so on.

Small steps are what is going to guarantee your success!

Leave Room for Error

Another important tip to not forget about is that you will need to give yourself some slack.

This is a big change in many ways, and you are going to make many mistakes one way or another. It is normal to mess up and make little mistakes along the way. We have all done it.

I remember eating some soup that I thought was vegan friendly but that actually contained bacon! It happens to all of us so there is no point in getting upset about it.

Leave room for mistakes and be prepared to falter along the way. It will happen even when you have been vegan for years. So, it will most certainly happen when you have only just started to go vegan.


I hope that this article has helped you to better understand the benefits of following a vegan and plant-based diet.

And I hope that if you were intimidated before, that you are now a little more confident in your decision!

Because it isn’t nearly as scary a leap as it might seem. And once you get started it will only get easier and easier along the way! You will become better at being vegan and it will begin to feel like a breeze once you get used to it.

There is a steep learning curve when you change your lifestyle in such a dramatic way. Which is why you need to allow yourself time to get used to it, so that you can flourish.

Let me know in the comments what your biggest positive has been since becoming vegan!

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